How To Document This Site

Upon gaining access to subversion using MyEclipse, you will be able to make changes to this documentation.

The brunt of the documentation is stored in the project src / site folder. There are four directories and one main file. The main file is site.xml. This sets the structure for the documentation.

The four main sub-directories are: apt, fml, resources, and xdoc.

You will use the main file, site.xml, to setup where your documentation will go. In fact, each project has a src directory with a site.xml file. If your documentation is more specific to a project, that is where you can place the project specific documentation.

The xdoc folder is where most of the documentation is stored. The nightly maven documentation process will take .xml files from this folder and convert into .html files on the server.

The resources folder is where raw files are placed for no manipulation by the maven documentation process. You can also place Word docs in this folder for inclusion in the site.xml file.

The fml folder is used for .fml files, which are common for faq type documents.

Finally, the apt folder is used for .apt files used by maven for short, simple documentation. See: