ActionCenters Introduction

Collaboration engineering is a newly emerging discipline that seeks to package some of the benefits of professional facilitation in a form that can be re-used by non-facilitators to good effect.

Collaboration engineering (CE) is an approach to designing collaborative work practices for high-value recurring task, and deploying them to practitioners to execute for themselves without ongoing intervention from facilitators.

Collaboration Engineering is a specialty within the larger Facilitation domain. General facilitators can design complex work practices that require considerable skill to execute. General facilitators also have the requisite skill to change their designs on the fly if the designs turn out to be flawed.

Collaboration engineers, by contrast, must design work practices that are sufficiently simple that practitioners can readily learn them, that are sufficiently easy to execute that practitioners without special facilitation skills can execute them successfully, and sufficiently flexible and robust that there will be no need for practitioners to revise them at execution time.